LAN messaging: communication with colleagues offline

LAN messenger makes workplace communication not only quick and efficient but also protected and possible when staff members are offline. In comparison with conventional email systems, this messaging environment has numerous benefits and useful features. The latter, for example, include PC-to-PC messaging and group chat rooms. A feature called broadcast messaging allows users to send event notifications to selected contacts or contact groups, while drag-and-drop transfer means that files and folders may be easily exchanged between employees in no time. Most importantly, today, when hacking is so rampant and seemingly omnipresent, the system successfully eliminates the crucial concern in workplace communication – data protection.Read the rest

LAN Messenger – Best Way to Communicate with Your Workers Offline

Since the beginning of 21 century, our technological development year to year surprises us with its rapid growth and modernization. In the beginning, we couldn’t imagine the possibility to talk and keep in touch with someone without using cable phones, but now we are able to easily keep lots of different chats and apps like to bond with people around the world. We got this ability thanks to the invention of the internet and since then technologies are constantly using it for advancing their special features.

Of course, there are a lot of advantages of web chatting and staying online, but unfortunately, even the best internet connection cannot provide the security of data and, most important, the ability to stay online.Read the rest

Keeping Messaging Data In Security Through Lan Messenger

If you as a business entity have ever wondered on how to protect the internal company’s communications in complete security, you must have stumbled upon a possible solution. Lan messenger – a tool which is most likely to satisfy a number of your demands regarding efficiency, speed of connection and level of data protection. However, it may still be unclear, how does this type of messenger achieves all of the mentioned above qualities. That is what we are going to find out in the article, so stay tuned!

To cut the long story short, an local area network messenger is a specially designed office chat to be used within one particular local area network. This, in its turn, stands for an array of interconnected PCs within one physical area like an office building, school or university campus.Read the rest

LAN chat: Real Security of Your Internal Communication

With the rapid growth of internet usage, the problem of personal data security while LAN messaging became really important among both private and office messenger users. More and more users around the world complaining about data leaks and as a result people day to day are becoming afraid of using messengers even though it really makes the daily communication process easier.

There are so many different online messengers that guarantee their users great safety of the data but eventually fail to keep all their promises. Is there really no possible way to stay instantly connected with people and share lots of data without the fear to lose really important info and files? A local area network messenger was created for it.Read the rest

Principles Of Lan Messenger Work And Communications

If your company is growing fast and is no longer able to reside in the same office room, you will probably need to consider some forms of internal communications other than private talks. That is when a need for a communication tool with a particular set of functions and abilities arises. Given the importance of data security and instantaneous communication, you might want to consider one of the best options to choose therefore, namely a lan messenger.

It all has begun with the LAN meaning the local area network. To put it simple, this is a number of interconnected PCs among which people can easily transfer information through lan messenger. What makes it such a particular tool is that the exchanged data will never get outside of the lan borders as this operates with no Internet as well as no server.Read the rest