LAN chat: Real Security of Your Internal Communication

With the rapid growth of internet usage, the problem of personal data security while network messaging became really important among both private and office messenger users. More and more users around the world complaining about the data leak and as a result people day to day are becoming afraid of using messengers even though it really makes the daily communication process easier.

There are so many different online messengers that guaranty to their users a great safety of the data, but eventually fails to keep all their promises. Is there really no possible way to stay instantly connected with people and share lots of data without the fear to lose really important info and files? Local area network messenger was created for it. app is the instant way to solve the problem of a data leak. The software system was designed and created with the purpose of instant messaging with a high level of messaging security. This article will help to learn more about the LAN chat apps and the way to use it.

LAN chat is a software working on the Windows platform and intended to provide a safe connection for instant communication via a local area network. In comparison with other popular online messengers, this chat can provide the following superior privileges:

  1. Instead of other know messaging networks, LAN chat requires no internet connection since this software works via the local network.
  2. It also requires no server thanks to the peer-to-peer technology, so all members can participate equally without requiring any administrator.
  3. Absolute security of chatting since only registered users who have access to the local network are permitted to use messenger.
  4. No web connection is required and as the result provides no spam in the chat.
  5. Great variety of emojis (more than 800 variants), which will help to highlight the emotional part of the communicating process.
  6. The simplicity of the installation process of the LAN chat app: just install it on every computer connected to the local network and start the communication.
  7. Comfortable and simple design attracts users so every user can easily understand the way to use this software.

The software is suitable for use not only for private users but as office messenger as well and has a lot of different features that will help to increase the office’s productivity. From now on, all group chats, mass mailing, sharing documents, and tons of other useful features inside this local network software will be under the protection from any possible leak.

This chat also has a really helpful function as the office messenger – it provides remote desktop access. With this feature, office workers can relax and forget about the problem, when the required document is at the computer of the worker, who isn’t in the office and without workers password it’s simply impossible to get this file.  

Still, don’t take it on trust – try to download and install LAN messenger and make sure of its all advantages with your own eyes.